About me...

I paint abstract and semi-abstract landscapes, primarily inspired by the sea and mountains.


Depending on how I feel on the day, I paint in oils (using a palette knife, rich and textured finish) or acrylics and pens (using brushes, fingers, rollers).

I am a gallery artist with Silson Contemporary (Harrogate, West Yorkshire, England) since 2018.  I also work with other galleries such as The Little Art Gallery in West Wittering (West Sussex England) and Beau Art Interiors (Cambridgeshire, England).  

Artist statement: I try to capture a feeling, a place, in colour and motion.  My work has been described as "simplicity with so much depth".

Artist bio:  My pervious jobs include lawyer and shoe designer.  I started painting full time in 2014. 

To purchase: for available work, please contact Silson, or DM me on Instagram @angelinetournier or email me.  I post recent work on Instagram. its probably the best place to look (I dont upload my work on my site as often as I should!) 


Thank you!  Best wishes


t. 0208 341 9419

e. paintings@angelinetournier.com

Instagram:  angelinetournier

Angeline - Painter, London

(c) Angeline Tournier 2018

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